Hello Sifra,
I wanted to thank you for sharing this beautiful, personal book with me… and also for the words you wrote at the beginning. I was very touched when I came home that day and read it. It gave me kind of a confirmation that I am on the right path, on the right spot – a feeling I got a couple of times those days. Also I felt that it makes a lot of sense this book fell into my hands 🙂
I immediately started reading and finished the book already. I was really drawn to it and couldn’t stop reading. I could connect with it a lot – some parts I experience(d) in a similar way myself, some parts are quite different from my own experience…but for this reason very inspiring. The way of taking life how it comes, step by step, dealing with what is, accepting, going deeper and deeper, opening up more and more – I can recognize myself in that a lot. And I realized that I miss sometimes examples in my surrounding, people who live that way, who are an inspiration. So, it was good for me to read your book in this moment… as a motivation but also as an eye-opener… this is how you can live as well, that’s how relationships also can work, that’s how a woman can be strong and vulnerable at the same time, bringing all those different sides, yin and yang in balance…
It was also very easy and nice to read… a nice flow. Well, I had some good days with your book 🙂
Warm greets